On the inside, you still feel as if you are 23, yet you are over 40, 50 or 60 years of age.

Time slipped through your fingers and now the first half of your life is nearly over. So what´s next?
If you want to develop new perspectives on your next life chapter, re-discover your values, aspirations and meaning, then WildWise retreats might be the answer.

Two seasoned trainers (together more than 50 years of experience) take you, together with a small group of like minded peers, through a 2 phase program that consist of a two 3 day journeys of reflection, visioning and goal setting.

In this process we will be working with the body, the mind and the heart. We will alternate individual work with work in small groups. Building on the wisdom you have already gathered in your life, we will help you find the springboard for jumping to the next version of you.

Expect fun, challenges and true connections. All surrounded by and embedded in superb lodging, caring staff and excellent cuisine.

You will find WildWise retreats on magical locations throughout Europe. Also want to turn your white hairs in to wild hairs again?