midlife questions


As the age group 45+ is going to be more defining in our society over the coming years, they will put their stamp more and more on realities where it concerns work, housing  arrangements, care systems, and safety issues.

As the 45+ age group of today will be healthier longer and become older, will be working  longer, and will need to take an active interest into their retirement arrangements, the vision  of the future for this age group is changing rapidly and fundamentally.

Whilst only a decade ago we were used to consider 50-year old people to be on their way to retirement, now we realize that at that point the second part of life lies wide open in front of us!

Surprisingly enough a quick scan of training programs and leadership workshops offered in the Netherlands and across Europe seem to target almost only young and mid-career professionals wanting the take the next step in their working life.

It is therefore that we have designed a program, specifically aimed at age groups 40, 50 and 60. Men and women that are at a transition point in their lives and ready to re-focus on their next steps, taking into account their aspirations, realities and challenges in terms of work, health, economic realities and lifestyle choices.