All WildWise workshops have a balanced and thoughtfully designed format. The program consists of 2 weekend retreats (3 days each), starting on Friday late afternoon, with a late afternoon Sunday finish.

We plan about 4 months between the 2 weekends. Work will be in a small group setting of like-minded peers in accesseable, carefully selected locations in nature-meets-culture environments.
WiseWild workshops are English spoken.

In the months between the workshops, you will be practicing with the insights and learnings you have taken away from the first workshop and experiment with new behaviour.



This first weekend workshop starts with getting to know each other and yourself. You will take stock of where you are at right now in your life. We will reflect, focus and bring all aspects of your current situation to the surface: which aspects in your life you are happy with, proud of and feel good about? What are aspects you feel you have not developed as you had hoped for or realities that are difficult for you to deal wit hand you may shy away from? This process of callibrating the now and the wisdom that comes with it, will become your foundation and baseline for looking ahead: shaping the next chapter of your life. It will be your starting point from which to transition into a direction and a state that you, with all your heart and soul, -including your wildest dreams,- want to create in your life going forward.

The approach is 4-way: body, heart, mind and meaningfulness, so that you create new impulses for your awareness and appreciation of the dynamics of your journey through life so far in a complete way. You will end the first workshop with you having captured your foundation and written your roadmap, so that you can start to work towards important milestones on your path to create what you truly aspire for your next life chapter. As everyone on his journey needs support, you will learn how to coach and start working with a peer coach (a buddy from the same group) to help you stay on track in the months between the first and the second workshop. Also, a professional coaching session is available to you at a moment of your choice.

In between the first and the second workshop you practice what you have learned, experiment, exchange your experiences with your peer coach, and work towards your set milestones.


In this second weekend workshop, we take the process we have started in the first weekend one step further. With dedicated tools, you re-evaluate your path so far, check if the direction, the intensity and the focus are still as you would like them to be. If needed, this is the moment to finetune or redecide and take appropriate steps. Your roadmap is developed further, so it will serve you as a guide in the months/years ahead. Besides, with the outcome of your experiences betwween the workshops, you identify where you have needs/gaps and how you can deal with these at this stage. All this, so you will fully own and live the aspired reality in all its dimensions. You will empower yourself to keep taking the steps towards your goal to more fulfillment, enjoyment and wisdom in your life.
And, we will celebrate together!